“I would definitely recommend Jess to others, as I found our sessions extremely beneficial. After my experiences with other forms of help, I found Jess’s approach as a life coach to be the most successful, this is due to her being a great listener, sympathetic, and reinforcing positive thoughts which I didn’t recognise before I began coaching. This definitely helped me to boost my confidence and keep me on track when I was struggling. I always felt comfortable to talk to Jess, this was due to her kind, attentive nature, and I think it helped that she was a young adult close to my age. She reassured me she was there to support me and bring out my best, most positive self. Overall, I thank Jess for all of her support as I now have the correct strategies in place for a successful career and lifestyle and I hope others have the opportunity from benefiting from her work.”

(King Edward student, April 2014)

“Alice was approachable, knowledgeable and engaging.”

(Adecco staff Wellbeing Workshop 2019)

“I found life coaching sessions with Jess to be very beneficial as it gave me great opportunity to talk about areas I wanted to improve upon and a time to reflect on how I could overcome these areas. Jess used great visual techniques so that I could see my improvement, looking at where I was and where I wanted to be. This helped me formulate strategies and solutions to my problems. I always felt comfortable in telling her my problems, and this meant I could look at ways to deal with them effectively.”

(King Edward student, October 2014)

“Helena is a natural coach who had an amazing ability to make me feel at ease immediately. Her caring and non-judgemental attitude made the coaching sessions feel warm and friendly throughout. Often offering me perspectives that I had not even considered before, I found my time with Helena to be really beneficial. No hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”

(Coaching Client 2020)

“I have learnt about mindfulness and reflection. Everyone has been engaged and it has allowed us to get out of our comfort zone.”

(St Edmund’s Catholic Academy student 2020)

“It helped with how everyone has different ways of dealing with things and how to cope with the negative thoughts.”

(St Edmund’s Catholic Academy student 2020)

“Alice helped me to realise that I can’t change the past and that actually I am stronger than I think but needed to work on positive relationships.”

(Coaching client 2020)

“My experience of life coaching with Jess was very empowering and helpful. It allowed me to think things through and awaken the skills I already had but hadn’t previously utilized. I found Jess to be very approachable and kind, with a calm and soothing voice making me feel at ease opening up to her. She was professional, trustworthy and considerate, I felt as though she understood what I was going through and allowed me lots of time to think things through for myself. We set goals throughout the sessions which were achieved through allowing me to see the relevant situations through different perspectives. I felt Jess was genuinely interested in what I had to say, and showed real happiness when I had made progress. She always highlighted when I was smiling and looking happier which allowed me to see just how much I had changed for the better. Thank you for all of your help!”

(King Edward student, May 2014)

“Alice was great- easy to follow class, very informative and good group participation.”

(Xerox Wellbeing training 2020)

I have learnt how to be more positive.”

(St Edmund’s Catholic Academy student 2020)”

“You have worked miracles with my daughter, she is so much more confident in herself and just seems to be able to cope with life much better. Thank you.”

(Parent of Student, Birmingham Stage School 2019)

“I have been able to create more engaging meetings and have more confidence in them as a result.”

(Smith Institute client 2019)

“I’m able to be myself and it helps me feel good inside.”

(St Edmund’s Catholic Academy student 2020)

“Alice is a fabulous coach, professional and creditable, who made all our attendees feel at ease during a recent wellness workshop Alice delivered.”

(Head of Client Services, Adecco 2019)

“I really enjoyed today, learnt a lot and realised I’m not doing as bad as I thought!”

(Serco Wellbeing and Mental Health training 2019)

“It has taken me a while to write this review for Helena because I wasn’t quite sure where to start, how I could put into words what she’s done for me and mostly I was worried that what I would write wouldn’t do her justice – which I still know it won’t! Helena is a true gift, she has helped me from rock bottom with no direction in life to happy and direction in all areas. Helena has helped me deal with traumatic experiences, personal issues, career issues, living issues, partner issues and any other issues along the way! The biggest compliment I can give her is that I no longer need her! I came in at the bottom and came out on top. If you are looking for a warm hearted, friendly, understanding, trustworthy and non judgemental lady to help you with life’s problems or just sort your life out in general, then look no further! Whatever the problem is or guidance needed, this lady will be able to help you and in the best way possible. Thank you again for everything Helena, you’ll never know just how grateful I am.”

(Coaching client 2020)