Clued Up Coaching ‘Putting young people at the heart of everything we do’

Slide Welcome to Clued Up Coaching Putting young people at the heart of everything we do

We passionately believe in the magic of young people and want to see them thrive throughout their education and beyond. We provide a bespoke programme of coaching, supporting young people to build their confidence, resilience and self-worth. Your students will develop a positive mindset to tackle anything that life throws at them, after all the future is in their hands!

Growing up can be a tricky place to be at times. Young people can struggle with confidence, motivation, relationships and purpose, and for some this may result in poor mental health. In addition to this, schools are increasingly finding that support for students’ mental wellbeing is being reduced and often help is not available until the student is in crisis. This is particularly concerning when statistics show that 70% of children and adolescents who experience symptoms of poor mental health have yet to access any intervention (Children’s Society, 2008). Clued Up Coaching believes that support should be available for all young people, in order for them to develop resilience, a positive mindset and find their direction.

We also provide assistance for staff who, at certain times in their career, may find the need for an objective listening ear and informed, professional support. Our workshops are tailored to specific school needs and aim to be interactive, relevant, fun and most importantly useful. Please take a look at what we offer and contact us to explore how we can support your students and staff.

Topics we offer