What we offer

At Clued Up Coaching we firmly believe in supporting schools to get the best for their students, rather than from them. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to the needs of the school and the individual and will adapt our workshops and resources, depending on the area of requirement.

Support for Teens

We believe much of the mental wellbeing support already out there is aimed towards younger children or adults, meaning teenagers often don’t have the support they need that’s tailored to their age group. Teenagers have many aspects of life to manage during this period of their lifetime such as school, identity, family relationships, figuring out their future and managing friendships. Our sessions encourage support for teenagers who may need to tune into their thoughts and emotions to avoid feeling overwhelmed. We aim to ensure our workshops and sessions are relevant, practical and most importantly fun, as we all know we remember information far more when we’re having fun!

We also recognise the importance of the mindset of the teachers and parents of these teens. We believe in a multi-dimensional approach, meaning we work with teachers and parents too to help them manage their own mindsets as well as the teenagers they support. Having an approach which encompasses all perspectives means we are all working together, more successfully. We adapt the services below to become more appropriate for teachers and parents, enabling them to understand their own mental wellbeing as well as how to support the teens they work with/care for.

1-1 coaching sessions:

  • Coaching sessions are an incredibly powerful way to support students in becoming more independent, positive and able to manage the everyday stresses of being a teenager, both inside and outside of school.
  • We work on an individual level with students to enable them to open up in a safe space with a professional coach to discuss their academic and personal life.
  • From these conversations, we actively listen, ask questions to enable them to think from different perspectives, and empower them to find their answers and solutions.

Year group talks:

  • The content we deliver in workshops is of great benefit to all students, therefore we offer the alternative of delivering talks to much larger groups to cover these areas.
  • We dedicate 30-50 minutes on one particular area of focus within mental wellbeing such as developing resilience, creating a positive mindset ready for exams and practicing mindfulness.
  • Our talks will equip your students with a deeper insight into these areas, new understanding and tools they can practice in their everyday life.


  • Our workshops involve students coming together as a group to work on areas such as; emotional awareness, empathy, positivity, building confidence, developing a growth mindset, and building positive relationships.
  • We inject fun into our workshops by combining group activities which often push teens out of their comfort zones, with creative activities, self-reflection tasks and discussing wellbeing topics with their peers.
  • Our workshops come with many resources for each student to take away and continue using for as long as they need to ensure these tools become part of their everyday way of managing their mental wellbeing.

Contact us to discuss your school’s requirements and we will build a package for you with elements of all the above to meet your needs.